Resident permit for student

An alien who has had a limited duration (temporary) residence in Denmark for at least the last four years , may apply to have a perpetual (permanent) residence permit. With a perpetual (permanent) residence permit, you do not longer apply for renewal of his permit, but can – under certain conditions – be allowed to stay in Denmark as long as you wish.

For perpetual (permanent) residence permit must have 100 points , which is achieved by meeting certain requirements.

If you dont have 100 points:

If you do not achieve 100 points, one can instead apply for an extension of his fixed term (temporary) residence permit , and then possibly. later apply for an indefinite (permanent) residence permit.

Note : When you apply for indefinite (permanent) residence permit, you must also complete and enclose an application for a fixed term (temporary) extension of one’s current residence. You must use the extension table that fits your current residence basis.

You can also choose to apply for fixed term (temporary) extension of one’s current residence, if you can see that you do not meet all the conditions for indefinite (permanent) residence permit, ie. if you can not achieve 100 points.

Student’s can not get the point for full time work. So student’s can not directly apply for indefinite(permanent) resident permit. I think we can apply first for the fixed term(temporary) resident permit If we don’t have 100 points for indefinite(permanent) resident permit. Then we can fulfill their requirements for indefinite(permanent) resident permit.


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