Immigration Service of Denmark show three Asians after raid

Two nationals from China and a citizen of Thailand deported within the next few days. It is the end result of the Immigration Service’s participation in SKAT control action against restaurants in Helsingor in December.

Immigration Service visited with SKAT and the police a small number of foreign restaurants where a total of four aliens were arrested. One was charged with illegal residence, but released after the provision of passport and residence permit. The two Chinese nationals were charged with illegal stay and illegal work, while the Thai national was indicted for illegal residents. All three exercised by refusing entry into Denmark for two years. National Police Immigration Center, which stands for return, expect to put them on a flight home next week.

The Immigration Service has participated in SKAT Fairplay actions since November 2009 and the task is to assist police with clarification of foreigners stay basis, including the basis for working in Denmark. Collaboration on control actions have uncovered a general need for guidance on immigration matters with the other authorities and officers of the Immigration Service has over 2010 visited including Tax in many municipalities, several police and the Directorate of Labour with immigration legal advice.


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