Tuition fees and scholarships in Denmark

Whether you are required to pay tuition fees will depend on your country of origin and whether you are participating in an exchange programme .
Higher education in Denmark is usually provided free of charge for all EU/EEA students and for students who are participating in an exchange programme.

Exempted from payment of tuition fees are also:

* students with a permanent residence permit (danish: “Permanent opholdstilladelse”)
* students with a temporary residence permit with the possibility of achieving a permanent residence permit (danish: “Midlertidig opholdstilladelse mmf varigt ophold”).
* *

All other students have to pay a tuition fee. Annual tuition fees for full-time degree students range from 6,000 to 16,000 Euro.
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  1. audrey mwanza

    i would love to study in denmark and learn more on children rights issues.

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