Living cost of a non EU student in Denmark

If you are a EU student in Denmark , Your tuition fee is free. You can easily afford your living cost in Denmark. But If you are a non EU student in Denmark you have to pay your tuition fee. It’s not easy to manage your living expense and tuition fee in Denmark. A non EU student can work only 60 hour’s per month.The cost of living in Denmark is considerably higher than in the United States. Copenhagen is among the five most expensive cities in the world.
Here is average living expense and tuition fee’s of a non EU student in Denmark:

1. Tuition fee for Bachelor or Master’s program– 35,000 DKK – 60,000 DKK (per semester)

2. House rent– 2,000 DKK-4,500DKK(per room) (rent is not fixed, you should fixed your home rent by yourself)

3. Bus card– 3,50 DKK-1,180 DKK ( It depends where you live and how far your school and work place from your living place)

4. Food and Other expense— 2000 DKK—( It depends on you)

You need at least more than 10,000 DKK per month when you live in Denmark. If you want to study in Denmark, It’s very hard to manage your all living expense here. Because you have to go to your School and also can’t work more than 60 hour’s.
When You will finish your study and If you can’t find any skilled job in Denmark within 6 month’s , You can’t live in Denmark .

If you finished your Master Degree program in Denmark, you can apply for greencard scheme.


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