Beautiful Place’s in Bangladesh

For many thousands of years a long list of regional empires and European traders fought for control of the water-logged land now called Bangladesh.

Ruled by Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries, Bangladesh (formerly called East Pakistan), was formed in 1971 when it officially separated from its union with West Pakistan (now called Pakistan).

As one of the most crowded countries on the planet, much of the lush, low-lying landscape is subject to yearly flooding, and the subsequent devastation of cyclones.

Those natural hazards have adversely affected the nation’s economy and its people, as they often cause great loss of life.
Not on the front-burner of most travelers, reports from those who venture here rave about its natural beauty, the friendly welcome, the capital city of Dhaka, and the easy-going beach resort of Cox’s Bazar – home to the world’s longest beach, Shundorban-most beautiful place in the world and more place’s


It is a rare beauty spot at the southernmost tip of Patuakhali district. It has a wide sandy beach which affords one the unique opportunity of watching both the sunrise and the sunset.

Kuakata is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindu and Buddhist Communities. Many devotees arrive here during the festival of Rush Purnima and Maghi Purnima.

St. Martin’s Island

St. Martin’s island is a beautiful coral island under Teknaf upazila. Local people call it Narikel Zinjira. It is also called the ‘beauty spot of the Bay’. The 13 island is a tropical treasure, situated 17 km away from Teknaf, with beaches fringed with coconut palms, seashells and bountiful marine life. Visitors can see live corals here.

An overnight stay on St. Martin’s island is really an extraordinary experience: you can lie in bed and listen to the murmuring of endless waves. It would be a bonanza for anyone to experience the beauty of the moonlit night on this island. Tourists may also plan a visit to Chhera dwip, which is close to St. Martin’s island, and famous for its tranquil beauty.


One of the most attractive place in the world.Located at about 320km. West of Dhaka. Here in the south, spread over an area of about 6000 sq. km. of delta swamps along the coastal belt of Khulna is the biggest mangrove forest, Sundarbans (beautiful forest) – the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger.
These dense mangrove forests are criss-crossed by a network of rivers and creeks. One find here tides flowing in two directions in the same creek and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles basking in the sun. Other wildlife in this region is cheetahs, spotted deer, monkeys, pythons, wild bears and hyenas.
The forest is accessible by river from Khulna and Mongla. There are rest houses for the visitors to stay and enjoy the unspoiled nature with all its charm and majesty. Spending some times inside the forest can be a rare treat for the lovers of nature. BPC offers package tours to Sundarbans.


Located at a distance of 18 km. to the north of Bogra town. Mahasthangarh is the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh on the western bank of river Karotoa. The spectacular site is an imposing landmark in the area having a fortified long enclosure. Beyond the fortified area, other ancient ruins fan out within a semi-circle of about 8-km. radius. Several isolated mounds, the local names of which are Govinda Bhita Temple, Khodai Pathar Mound, Mankalir Kunda, Parasuramer Bedi, Jiyat Kunda etc. surround the fortified city.

A visit to the Mahasthangarh site museum will open up for one a wide variety of antiquities, ranging from terracotta objects to gold ornaments and coins recovered from the site.


An isolated low, dimpled range of hills, dotted -with more than 50 ancient Buddhist settlements of the 8th to 12th century A.D. known as Mainamati-Laimai range are extended through the centre of the district of Comilla.

Salban Vihara, almost in the middle of the Mainamati-Lalmai hill range consists of 115 cells, built around a spacious courtyard with cruciform temple in the centre facing its only gateway complex to the north resembling that of the Paharpur Monastery.

The Mainamati site Museum has a rich and varied collection of copper plates, gold and silver coins and 86 bronze objects. Over 150 bronze statues havo been recovered mostly from the monastic cells, bronze stupas, stone sculptures and hundreds of terracotta plaques each measuring on an average of 9″ higli and 8″ to 12″ wide. Mairiamati is only 114 km. from Dhaka City and is just a day’s trip by road on way to Chittagong.

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar beach is said to have the world’s longest unbroken clean sandy beach. The 120 km length of the beach always attracts tourists from different parts of the world because of its smooth and soft carpeting of silvery sand sloping gently into the clean blue water of the Bay of Bengal. It is overlooked throughout by a picturesque range of forested green hills.

Cox’s Bazar is famed for its calm and quiet, shark-free beach with the green trees and pretty hills on one side and the blue waves on the other. One, perhaps, does not come by many such seaside resorts around the globe. The beach is suitable for bathing, sunbathing and swimming. The beauty of the setting sun behind the waves of the sea is really breathtaking.


In Paharpur, a small village 5 km. west of Jamalganj railway station in the greater Rajshahi district, the remains of the most important and the largest known monastery south of the Himalayas has bee excavated. This 8th century A.D. archaeological find covers approximately an area of 27 acres of land. The entire establishment occupies a quadrangular court, measuring more than 900 ft. and from 12fh to 15ft. in height with elaborate gateway complex on the north.
There are 45 cells on the north and 44 in each of other three sides with a total number of 177 rooms. The architecture of the pyramidal cruciform temple is profoundly influenced by those of South-East Asia, especially Myanmar and Java. It had taken its name from a high mound, which looked like pahar or hillock. A site museum built recently houses the representative coactions of objects recovered from the area.


It is located 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar, along the beach. The broken hills and waterfalls here are unique. There is a hilltop resort from where the shore of the Bay of Bengal looks enchanting.

It is located 18 km south of Cox’s Bazar, along the beach. The broken hills and waterfalls here are unique. There is a hilltop resort from where the shore of the Bay of Bengal looks enchanting.

The scenic beauty one can see while driving from Cox’s Bazar to Himchhari – is Quite extraordinary, with lovely green hills on the left and the blue waves just on the right. The waterfall in Himchhari appears lively during the rainy season.


Teknaf is the southernmost upazila of Cox’s Bazar district as well as Bangladesh. It is a small township on the Naf river at the end of the hilly region. It is an amazing place facing the green hills of Myanmar across the Naf river.

One of the major attractions of Teknaf is a cruise by boat or sampan. The town and its surrounding areas provide visitors an opportunity to see the people and culture of the Arakan and Rakhain communities. Teknaf beach is an attractive tourist spot. Besides, there is another beautiful beach at Shahpari dwip at the farthest end of this upazila.


Moheshkhali is an island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an area of 268 Sq. km. Through the centre of the island and along the eastern coastline rises a range of low hills, about 100 meters high.

In the coastal hills lies the old temple of Adinath, dedicated to Shiva, which becomes a place of pilgrimage during the month of Falgun (March). The western and northern coasts of the island form a low-lying tract that is fringed by mangrove forests. Tourists can reach this island by local motorboats called trawlers or by speedboat. By trawler, it takes an hour and a half and by speedboat only half an hour.

Tourists will find interesting sights like mangrove forests, hilly areas, salt fields etc. This island is famous for its Buddhist Temple or Pagoda; a whole day can be spent sightseeing if one includes visits to Sonadia and some other nearby islands.



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