International students wanting to stay in Denmark face many obstacles

To remain in this country after graduating is too difficult for most international students

International students are not assimilating into the Danish workforce because there are too many obstacles in their way, a Forum for Business Education (FBE) report states.

The report, compiled for the Employment Ministry, shows that 73 percent of foreign students leave Denmark within two years of completing their education, despite expressing a desire to stay.

More than a third of those who do remain are unable to find work.

The report follows the news that the 14,470 international students here last year, is more than three times as many as 10 years ago.

Students cited the lack of employment, the high costs for non-EU students and the difficulty in adapting to the Danish language and culture as the primary reasons for leaving the country after their studies.

FBE chief executive Stina Vrang Elias said a national strategy was needed to help international students learn Danish and find jobs.

Employment Minister Inger Støjberg recognised the importance of foreigners to the domestic labour market and said that the state’s Work in Denmark centres were already cooperating with a number of educational institutes to retain international students in Denmark.

However, tuition fees combined with living costs and other expenses can make these countries relatively expensive study destinations,« the report writes, adding that other countries may end up recruiting the most talented students.



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