City Break in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city full of life and charm. Denmark’s capital is manageable and safe and has a lot on offer. The “bridge areas” have become trendy, the water front is sizzling, new restaurants open, but the charm and the relaxed atmosphere still remain.


about denmark:


Student Life


About Fashion

Denmark has become a world-class player in the fashion industry. Danish designers are known for their accessible and affordable fashion wear.


Distortion Festival in the streets of Copenhagen

Distortion Festival is a five day celebration of Copenhagen Nightlife. The DJ’s are moved from the clubs into the streets during the festival which takes place in a new part of Copenhagen every single day.


Naked Race 2010

Every year since 1999 one of the more spectacular events at The Roskilde Festival has ocurred. 30 participants, men as well as women, competes naked in a run with the chance of winning a ticket for next year’s festival.


A beach in the harbor

A new beach has been constructed in the harbor of Copenhagen. 23.000 cubic meters of sand have been moved to make the 4000 square meters of beach, which has grown popular very fast.



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